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What's Health Insurance, Mom?

The ever elusive health insurance......the only modernized country without health care coverage for all.....what a disgrace.

It is that time of year again. I received the latest edition of The Police Hall of Fame Newsletter. Please spend a moment honoring just a few of the law enforcers who lost their lives serving the public. I lost my dad on November 3, 1971.

Deputy Bruce Lee, age 45
Riverside Co. Sherrif's Department
Riverside, CA

Deputy Sheriff Bruce Lee was beaten to death with a baton during a struggle while responding to a domestic call, May 13, 2003. Survived by: wife.

Officer Darla Lathrem
Punta Gorda, FL

Officer Darla Lathrem was killed, June 11, 2003 as she supervised 5 inmates on a construction detail. She was assaulted by inmatesas they made an attempt to escape.
Survived by: father

Officer Terry Bennett
San Diego Police Dept.
San Diego, CA

Offficer Terry Bennett was killed on June 26, 2003 when his police motorcycle was intentionally rammed during a vehicle pursuit. He was chasing a stolen pickup truck when the driver made a u-turn and collided into his motorcycle. Survived by: Wife and 2 children

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