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Shopping is my least favorite holiday activity. Any time I am on my feet for more than 20 minutes the pain in my back and knee gets unbearable. Besides pain, I usually have to go to the bathroom like every half hour. To make the chore of purchasing holiday gifts for family and friends easier I have resorted to this; everyone I purchase gifts for receive a similar present. I go to a bookstore and buy everyone a calendar for the new year. First off, it's a practical gift. People use calendars to organize their lives and note the passage of time. They are usually attractive or interesting to look at due to the wide variety of photos and themes. Second, they are easy to wrap. Thirdly, they are affordable, for the most part and can usually be found with a minimum of hassle.

Many of my friends and closest relatives receive their wrapped present knowing fully what it is. My brother usually shakes his gift, like a calendar will rattle or clink. Of course I make sure I get myself a new calendar in the process. I have been hooked on this victorian calendar for years. I usually get my brother one of these. My son will receive either this one or this.

Alter-Abled News

Motor Vehicle Accidents are Leading Cause of Posttraumatic Stress Disorder, According to New Book(link)

Southern Oregon police raids find 3,500 marijuana plants

Sixty officers discover the greenery at homes in Cave Junction of two men with medical licenses to grow the stuff.


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