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Another Voting Woman

Via Burningbird.....

Never-married, divorced or widowed women constitute a whopping 20 percent of the electorate and 42 percent of all registered women voters. In the 2000 elections, they represented the same percentage of the electorate as Jews, blacks and Latinos combined. In terms of voting muscle, few can compete with the girl power of this constituency.

That's a nice chunk of women, and describes myself and several friends......Empowering.

Alter-Abled News

Boy, could I relate to this post of Susan's at Suburban Guerrilla. Got the lack of health care blues? I do. I have coverage until the end of December and then I will be free styling it for one month before Medicare kicks in sometime in February, 2004. I don't feel like my health care is optimal at the present time. Being on the Oregon Health Plan used to be awesome. Medical, dental, mental health and vision coverage was the standard. Now we don't have any dental or mental health coverage and I really could use my teeth cleaned and my head checked out. I also need a couple of chondomalacia braces for both knees, a mouthguard, permanent sterilization, and some feet supports. (A hot tub with jets would be good too.) Next month I will be paying for all my prescriptions and doctor visits out of pocket. I will definitely keep you posted on the expense of that.

Susan, find another doctor. She sounds unsupportive. I get samples of my migraine medicine form my doctor if my pharmacy is out of stock or I am too broke to afford critical medicine. He also is generous with allergy medicine (Zyretec).

Boy, could I relate to this from Alas, A Blog........I'm in the same tribe, voted for Nader, still have some self-esteem, unsure who to vote for next election.

But I vow; I will not vote for Nader again.

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