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Alter-Abled News

MaxSpeak explains the new Medicare bill better than i could: If your annual cost for prescriptions drugs is less than $810, you will be better off in 2006 not buying into the new Medicare drug benefit. This will be true for about half of all people over age 65.

Law bars driver’s licenses for impaired patients

A law that requires doctors to take away the driver’s licenses of mentally or physically impaired patients will go into effect in Central and Eastern Oregon this week.

Those who are placed on the list can get their licenses back by passing visual, written and driving tests, or by appealing their case to an administrative judge.

The law also gives health-care providers immunity from civil liability for reporting a patient to the state Driver and Motor Vehicle Services.

Having a lazy eye on the left and a glaucomic right eye, I have pulled my night driving privileges, on my own accord. However, living in a rural area and not being able to walk far, I love the independence and freedom a vehicle brings (albeit a '89 Chevy Astro van)

I just hope this law doesnt prevent some isolated, alter-abled folks from getting out of the house, occasionally. And I wonder if the DMV is capable of determining the mental capabilities of the public, with their tests.

Reminds me of a DMV story....

While renewing my driver's licence a few years ago, the DMV attendant asked me a series of health questions regarding past episodes of seizures or fainting. When the DMV Specialist asked if I had been unconcious in the last 10 years I said, "Only when I come in here". I tell you, she didn't bat an eye and stamped my paperwork, not even a smirk. Tough customer.

More alter-abled news:

*Brain injuries high among Iraq casualties

*OSU invests in protecting people with disabilities

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