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In Season: Union suits

Alter-Abled News

We have a health care crisis in Oregon.

The tax measure is not a dream fix, but the alternative is frightening.

Can we stop this crisis with a democratic president?

Democrats See a New Urgency in Health Care (link)

And can we wait this long?

Panel Urges Health Care Coverage for All by 2010

The United States must find a way to provide health care coverage to all Americans by 2010 to prevent more unnecessary suffering, death and economic costs to society, the National Academy of Sciences concluded yesterday.

Yet, suffering, death, and economic ruin continue.........

Heavy Drinkers Use Narcotics To Relieve Back Pain, Despite Possible Interactions

Despite warnings about interactions between alcohol and narcotic pain relievers, a new study suggests many people taking these drugs continue to drink, in some cases heavily.

Dangerous mixture, that alcohol and vicaden. Might as well take a shot of paint stripper......

Which is one of the reasons I opt for medical mj, whick Drug WarRant covers in depth here.

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