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In Season: cabin fever*

*After day 3 of snow, I am homebound. The steep hill I need to go up to go to town is steep and icy and my car won't make it. So, I resigned myself to be snowed in for now. I have enough food and supplies so I am feeling pretty cozy; about a foot of snow has accumulated here.

This afternoon I was gazing out the big picture window watching big puffy snowflakes accumulate when I spotted the family of quail that live in the brambles next to my home. Hooded quail walk with a strut and seeing a parade of quail out for a snowy walk, in deep snow, was quite comical. Their hoods looked like little caps and as they bobbed across the yard they tunneled through the snow with determination. Living near nature has its drawbacks as I would love to be around more people, however, a few days stuck at home provides the sanctuary I need to deal with all my health problems.

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