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Campaign 2004

Kerry lands key environmental endorsement

Saturday?s historic endorsement of New Hampshire Democratic primary front-runner John Kerry by a major environmental group was cold comfort to Democratic rival Joe Lieberman, who a month ago was judged just as qualified.....(link)

That's impressive, to me. Kerry is looking better and better as a viable candidate that matches some of my own values.

~ A health care proposal:

John Kerry believes that your family?s health is just as important as any politician?s in Washington. That?s why he will give every American access to the health care plan that the President and Members of Congress already have. John Kerry has the courage to take on special interests to get health care costs under control. He will stand up to big insurance and drug companies that impede progress. And John Kerry?s health care plan takes care of our most vulnerable citizens by covering every child and preserving and strengthening Medicare

~ A strong commitment to a clean environment

~ Supportive of medical marijuana

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