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Urgent: Environment Alert

The Bush administration said Friday that it will eliminate controversial rules that require federal agencies to look for and protect about 300 rare plants and animals in Northwest national forests where logging is planned. | link |

Bush?s latest target is the species and forests of the Pacific Northwest, some of the greatest expanses of ancient forests in the continental U.S. Your backyard. | link |

Urgent: Electronic Voting Alert

What does this mean about the 2004 election?

~Americans will use voting computers with secret software that has not been sufficiently scrutinized, just as they have in past elections.

~They will have to trust computers to record and count their votes correctly ? computers that are not advanced enough to ensure the security and accuracy that could justify their trust.

~If something odd occurs, manual recounts of the original ballots will be impossible, because the only record of the votes will be in electronic form, which will, of course, match the questionable tally.
Find your state's position here.


Well, I made it through January without any emergency trips to the Doctor's office. Without health insurance a doctors bill harshly cuts into my budget. Medicare coverage will begin for me this month, whick brings this seizure prone lady to breathe a sigh of relief. It's amazing that I didn't get the flu or break a limb during the recent freezing rain/snow storm. Yet, I am footing the bill for all of my medications.

Fluoxetine $74.99
Axert $147.99
amitriptyline $19.99
Acetosol HC drops $41.99
hydrocodenone $12.99
TOTAL $297.95


Canada here I come....................

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