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Campaign 2004

AP Poll Shows Women, Blacks Backing Kerry |link|

I'm still voting for him, despite the alleged philandering and forehead obsession. I'm listening to all the criticism regarding Kerry and it still seems like an improvement to the current political climate. Bohemian Mama has posted an intruiging list of Kerry's faults.....

I Might Like John Kerry as Nominee More If...

-- He hadn't been absent from 72% of the votes in the Senate in the last year
-- He didn't exploit his Vietnam service as a campaign tool
-- He hadn't thrown his medals in the trash as part of his protest against Vietnam
-- He hadn't raised more money from lobbyists than any other senator over the last 15 years
-- He hadn't voted for the Patriot Act, the Bush Tax Cuts, No Child Left Behind, and the blank check for Bush to go to war in Iraq - and then claimed he was against all those things or that he was "tricked."
-- He hadn't, while in Congress, questioned the need for raising the minimum wage and sponsored legislation to take tenure away from public school teachers
-- He hadn't voted to confirm most of Bush's right-wing judicial nominees
-- The bulk of his campaign money didn't come from his and his wife's pockets
-- He had actually sponsored or pushed through ANY legislation that made ANY difference for Americans instead of ride the tails of other legislators for 20 years
-- He had more to offer us than aping other candidates' themes, plans, policies and records
-- He had an actual base of true believing supporters instead of votes from people who are too scared to commit to real change for this country and the party.


~ Medical Marijuana Bill Introduced in Illinois General Assembly |link|

~ Unprecedented Bipartisan Coalition Introduces Medical Marijuana Bill in Rhode Island House |link

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