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And to quote Billmon again:

Well, if tonight's 60 Minutes doesn't shake our fellow Americans out of their illusions about George W. Bush, nothing will.

I just finished listening to the Clarke/Stahl interview on CBS' 60 Minutes. What a telling and damning interview. pResident Bush is blamed, but more appropriately our National Security Advisor, Condoleeza Rice.

If the media runs with this golden opportunty, Bushco's campaign will be devastated.

Bumpersticker Sitings

~ Your'e On Indian Land
~ Be Patriotic- Vote Bush Out


State will kick 50,000 off Oregon Health Plan

This is about the OHP "Standard" program for low-income adults who wouldn't normally qualify under federal rules. It is an expansion of Medicaid and the heart of OHP. Without that, OHP basically reverts to just plain Medicaid. And people will die. -- Lynn Porter

What a travesty. What the hell are supposed to do if they can't afford a doctor's visit? Well, we know the answer to that, they end up in emergency rooms, or die. I thought we were supposed to be a superpower. I guess it depends on your definition of superpower.

Furthermore, the Union is placed at a ‘superior position’ in relation to the USA in another field as well: on its values and its normative behaviour. The European Union is aptly described as a “normative power”. The values that are promoted are, amongst others, respect of fundamental human rights, emphasis on international law and the international multilateral institutions (especially the UN/Security Council) for the peaceful settlement of differences and resolution of conflicts, cooperation for sustainable economic and social development, promotion of an international system based on stronger multilateral cooperation and good global governance . With these values and the model of cooperation/integration that it embodies, the European Union appears to be the example for imitation and reproduction by other countries in the wider international system.

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