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Song in my head: and she's buying a stairway to Gilligan........Litttle Roger and the Goosbumps

In season: robot porn (safe for work)

Yesterday was my one year blogiversary!! I wanted to celebrate with a post but was feeling so exhausted, I'm a day late. A day late is really not too bad, considering all the medical conditions that interfere with my ability to read, comprehend, and retain bloggable items.

When I started this blog I wanted a format that was positive, funny, yet simple so I could succeed at doing this for one year. The problem was the chronic fatigue and pain that interfere with me, physiologically. It has been (and still is) easier for me to focus on music and what's "in season" by reading lots of blogs. Creative references to music abound if one takes the time to notice. Music is such a unifier which compliments an activist blogging community.

Thank you readers.. and especially bloggers.. for all your musical references. I appreciate you.


There's a single solution to problems in health system

LAURA BILLINGS: There’s a single solution to problems in health system

A column last week about the health care costs that have been the sticking point in negotiations with striking Metro Transit bus drivers seems to have struck a chord with readers. Several dozen wrote in with their own concerns about the crisis in health care, which I thought I’d answer here, while we wait for our rides …

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