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State expected to close low-cost drug business

A small company that provides medicine from Canada probably will be ordered to shut down.
The first business in Oregon to provide seniors and others with lower-cost prescription drugs from Canada will be shut down later this month under an agreement expected to be approved today by the state Board of Pharmacy.


The savings to customers, according to those who have used the service, range from 50 percent to 80 percent what they pay for prescription drugs from U.S. pharmacies

My prescriptions are currently costing me $225 a month at the minimum. A savings of 50 to 80% would lower my drug costs to $112.50 to $45. Significant savings are offered us in the free market. I really need to find one of these companies, so I can afford to eat good wholesome food with an assortment of vitamins and herbs. If I ever needed doctor care right now it would be rough on me financially. Even a common infection like staph is getting harder to treat.

Methicillin resistant staph will soon be the only staph that we see. Routine antibiotics just will not work against many minor abscesses anymore. |link|

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