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Mad Cow Update

Organic beef shortage? U.S. organic beef processors are finding it difficult to fill orders following the discovery of a cow infected with BSE.

American consumers are having difficulty finding certified organic beef in retail stores -- and on even on the Internet ? according to Organic Monitor. Certified organic beef, meeting USDA Organic Standards of cows fed only certified organic feed, and meeting documentation procedures for organic production.
(link via FSNet by subscription)

This administration's obvious disregard for a clean healthy environment is taking its toll in the Northwest.....

~ New Bush Rollbacks Endanger Northwest Salmon Industry, Forests |LINK|

And it's not only fish and forests that are at risk; our children are being exposed to lead and mercury in a variety of ways....Hell, even Arianna Huffington is mercuric, yet still explains how Bushco is industry-friendly.

~ Tuna on white -- hold the mercury!
Bush White House serves up toxic tuna surprise


Marc Quinn?s 15ft statue of a pregnant Alison Lapper, an artist affected by the drug Thalidomide, has been chosen to stand on the fourth plinth in Trafalgar Square from next spring until 2006. |LINK|

Here is a link to the statue.

The artist writes.."I'm not physically disabled myself but from working with disabled sitters I realised how hidden different bodies are in public life and media. Her pregnancy also makes this a monument to the possibilities of the future."

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