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After reading numerous eulogies about Ronald Reagan I found one worthy of my blog. From Hammerdown:

Guest obit writer, Lefty Boswell:

The Bonzo Residential Library in Simian Valley, California, delivered services today for Bonzo's most famous and maligned sidekick, Ronald Reagan, who died Saturday after hitting his head in his cage. He had lost his ability to perform tricks a full decade prior to his demise, spending nearly all his time tending to his personal vegatable garden. The Bonzo Library wishes to extend their regards to the entire Reagan troop, and would like to mention their gratitute to Mr. Reagan for preventing AIDS research on chimps for a full four years after the disease started to spread. Contra to public opinion, the Bonzo library would like to nominate Mr. Reagan to the right wing of the White House for public viewing, to be followed by a long ride into a fake sunset, in black and white of course, as all great "B" movies are.

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