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Scientists Say Marijuana Research Blocked

The government is violating federal law by obstructing medical marijuana research, scientists contend in lawsuits seeking faster action on applications to grow the drug. In lawsuits to be filed Wednesday, researchers assert that Washington is refusing to act on legitimate research projects and delaying studies that could lead to marijuana's use as a prescription drug
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I medicate with marijuana for glaucoma (found in my only good eye), chronic pain from dislocated joints, nausea, IBS, and ADD, and preventively for a genetic disposition for kidney failure.    Being able to eliminate kidney damaging anti-inflammatories and pain killers is a God-send to me.  Let the research begin!  See more at Hit and Run, Drug WarRant, and Marijuna Policy Project.
Speaking of prescription drugs, and all things medical, health care is now the "Great American Dream".  Thankfully.......The National Coalition on Health Care is calling for universal health coverage for Americans.
Group Urges Universal Health Coverage 

Rapidly rising costs, soaring numbers of uninsured and an epidemic of poor care have caused a health care crisis that only sweeping reform will solve, an alliance of business, labor, religious and civic groups said Tuesday. The National Coalition on Health Care said Congress should require that everyone have basic health insurance, with subsidies for those who can't afford it. It also called for holding down premiums for the basic package, simplifying health care administration and reducing medical errors by tying payments to quality, among other things.Link

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