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Patients using marijuana increasing

Morphine, Vicodin, carbitrol — 18 pills on even-numbered days, 17 on odd ones, for almost 10 years.That was all before William “Sonny” Watkins discovered medical marijuana could ease the pain from a multitude of surgeries, which have removed half of his brain and parts of his right knee. LINK

Fees for medical-marijuana create budget surplus
Advocates want more of the funds to go toward patients
As the number of medical-marijuana patients continues to rise in Oregon, the accompanying licensing fees have generated a substantial budget surplus.The Oregon Medical Marijuana Program reported a surplus of about $986,000 by the end of March.The patient-registration program was created after the Oregon Medical Marijuana Act took effect in 1998. The program started without state funding in 1999 and has operated solely on patient fees. More than 10,000 patients are registered. Estimates for the program’s first years were between 500 and 1,000 participants. LINK

Woman found innocent in marijuana case
She obtained a medical-marijuana card after her arrest
A Marion County jury acquitted a Salem woman charged with the manufacture and possession of a controlled substance in a medical-marijuana case.Trista Okel, 30, was found innocent Thursday after about 20 minutes of deliberation.She had been arrested Sept. 17, 2003, at her South Salem home after Deschutes County Sheriff’s deputies searched the residence.The deputies were seeking a suspect in an unrelated case. Okel’s sister was the ex-wife of that suspect.Deputies found three marijuana plants, each about 3 feet tall. That amount of marijuana is legal under the medical-marijuana law. Okel, however, did not have a medical-marijuana card at the time. She received her card in May.According to the law, a person with an eligible, previously diagnosed medical problem can get a medical-marijuana card within a year of his or her arrest and legitimize having had the plants. LINK

Being able to treat my conditions with medical marijuana is a godsend for me. Let me explain.

With Nail-patella syndrome, the condition I was born with, all of your major joints are misplaced. Dislocating knees, shoulders, and hips can happen with any move. Tendons and ligamnets are in the wrong places. With such unstable joints, osteoarthritis: the mechanical wearing of bones, occurs early on. This is a very painful syndrome.

Curiously though, nail patella sydrome also affects the eyes and kidneys. Glaucoma is common along with other eye structure abnormalities. I have one lazy eye, and glaucoma in my good eye. Which is bad, but at least I have one eye with sight. Which isn't great news, but at least I have one eye with sight. There is a 30% chance of kidney failure with NPS. The last thing my predisposed weak kidney needs are anti inflammatories (notoriously hard on the kidneys and liver) and pain killers(highly addictive narcotics). Hence, I think it is safer for me to medicate this way. It's medical properties are a very good fit for nail-patella syndrome patients.

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