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I imagine people read my blog to get a glimpse of a life of a stoned mutant or wonder what the hell nail-patella syndrome is. Whatever the reason my writing, albeit lame, helps me to acknowledge my limitations and come to grips with them. This has been a life long process with all the usual steps of dealing with a loss, denial, anger, and eventually full acceptance. Lately, I have been almost to full acceptance. Until yesterday.

I pulled into a disabled parking space in downtown Hood River to do some errands. I walked across a crosswalk (Is that redundant?) in my usual slow, duck-like walk. Okay so I walk slow and a little funny. I can't do much about having dislocated knees and am at peace with being a little different. As I was in the middle of the crosswalk downtown some asshole yelled "Can you walk
faster?" I turned my head and scowled at the driver in the red toyota pick up. I noticed some decals on the truck and recognized the rig. Franky, I was shocked at the rudeness, embarrassed about my gait, and upset about being harassed about something I have no control over. I was also upset that this episode bothered me so much, but I did my best to blow it off.

Until today, as i went back downtown for a bagel and a cup of coffee. To my shock the red pick up was parked close by, so I decided to confront the asshole. I waited nearbye until the owner of the truck came and hopped into his rig. No, I did not spit on his windshield, but I entertained the thought briefly. I confronted him, gave him a cursory greeting and asked him if he was the harasser from yesterday, yelling at me in a busy downtown intersection. He denied it and I replied pleasantly, "I hope you're not the asshole", and strolled, well, limped away. I am quite sure I spoke to the right person and I made my point. Whether the whole confrontation was necessary is debatable, however, I feel good sticking up for myself. So, if you ever get impatient with the slower walkers in your town, don't assume they are walking slow on purpose. Like one of my favorite expressions says....assumptions make an ass out of you and me.

(never edited for clarity....perfection does not exist here.)

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