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* October 12, 2004 * Oregon Voter Registration deadline for Nov 2 General Election


Kerry vs Bush on Health Care........NYT

Recruits Dying Without Vaccines...........CGT.......Must read, very disturbing, despicable situation.

Military races to bring back medicine once considered too

More than three decades ago, the Pentagon created two pills to
ward off a lethal virus infecting boot-camp recruits. But defense officials abandoned the program in 1996 as too expensive. Now recruits are dying, thousands are falling ill, and the military is desperately racing to bring back a vaccine it once owned.
A top Pentagon official called it "a major screw-up,'' hobbling U.S. efforts to rapidly deploy troops abroad.The respiratory virus now infects up to 2,500 service members monthly — a staggering 1 in 10 recruits — in the nation's eight basic-training centers, an analysis of military health-care records shows.

A runner, with nail-patella syndrome!!! LINK