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Medical marijuana advocates likely to get a break under Kerry

Sen. John Kerry hasn't tried to make medical marijuana an issue in his presidential campaign, but he has some differences with President Bush on the subject.

Kerry says he would end the raids that have been a feature of the Bush administration's crackdown on medical marijuana in California, where voters approved the use of the drug for medical purposes in 1996. The Massachusetts senator has also signed a letter urging the administration to stop blocking medical marijuana research at the University of Massachusetts.

Ease up on marijuana, tighten up on meth

A district attorney suggests shifting priorities to fight the more dangerous drug

Oregonians will vote Nov. 2 on what's being called "Medical Marijuana 2." It's the Measure 33 sequel, if you will, to an existing law that, sort of, allows the use of marijuana if someone can get a doctor to write a note saying the drug would help the patient's condition. Contrary to popular belief, the law did not legalize marijuana -- and the law is now being abused by recreational dopers.

At the same time the Bush administration furiously denies marijuana has any medical value whatsoever. Amid this chatter there's been a deafening silence from the administration -- until last week, that is -- when it comes to a drug that's destroying families, lives and communities: methamphetamine. LINK