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As I watched tv tuesday morning I watched Mount St. Helens erupt again and decided to drive closer to get a better view. I drove with a friend and his dog to Washington and made the moderately difficult hike up Wind Mountain. We were delighted to be able to watch the mountain while eating lunch and enjoying a gorgeous fall view. We observed some steam clouds but nothing too dramatic, and I hobbled back down the hill with a walking stick.

On the way down we ran into a video film crew from the wonderful Oregon Art Beat show on OPB. They were filming Andrew Payne, a gorge artist in our inspiring environment. We chatted with the only people we have seen in hours, and made it back to the trail head. Lo and behold, at the end of the trail was Tom D'Antoni, the host of Oregon Art Beat. One could only wish to have a gig like his, interviewing wonderfully creative people. The show is on Thursday night at 8:00 pm on OPB.


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'I Can't Understand Why It Isn't Rescheduled'

Medical marijuana activists are trying a new approach to getting the drug reclassified so it can be legally prescribed: a petition that charges the Department of Health and Human Services with violating the Data Quality Act by disseminating erroneous information about cannabis. Among other things, Americans for Safe Access notes HHS is wrong when it asserts that "there have been no studies that have scientifically assessed the efficacy of marijuana for any medical condition." Indeed, David Murray of the Office of National Drug Control Policy tells The Washington Post "it is 'beyond dispute' that marijuana's efficacy has been assessed and potential benefits identified."

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