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Song in my head: Dreck us all with bucks of folly..................The Left Coaster

I'm a cheapskate, too. I refuse to rush through crowded department stores looking for the required gift for {insert relatives name here}. You won't find me driving on a cold, rainy December to the malls so I can pay a pretty penny for designer labels. I won't be at the outlets stores. Without small children in the home the holiday season is now "The Holidaze". There won't be a dead tree in my home either. I might decorate a fichus tree with a few treasured ornaments, instead. Why am I being such a Scrooge? Because I don't buy into this materialistic society that mandates spending money many of us don't even have. Sure, I will get in the spirit of the solstice and honor the short days and long nights. But not one single item will be charged on a credit card to support the commercialization of one religion that I do not belong to. Christmas is someone else's holiday.

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