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Song in my head: Well I don't know where they come from.. But they sure do come....... I hope they're comin' for me.........................Ted Nugent

The Motor City Madman is officially turning Texan. Ted Nugent, the once Michigan-based rocker and hunting activist, says he plans to get a Texas driver's license soon and will become a Texas resident in 2005. Nugent moved his family to Crawford, Texas, where President George Bush owns a sprawling ranch, about 18 months ago. Nugent says his son Rocco is excelling in school and has done well in sports, and notes that the hunting in Crawford is great, too. "Right behind Rocco's school is game! It's a barbecue dream," he says. LINK

Want your McBSE with Fries?

From the Washington Post......

One day after the U.S. Agriculture Department announced that concern over mad cow disease should no longer keep the border closed to live cattle from Canada, the Ottawa government revealed yesterday that it has detected another suspected case in a dairy cow.
Canadian officials said two preliminary tests on the 10-year-old Alberta animal were positive for the disease, but that it will take several days to complete a definitive third test. Canada's food safety agency said that no parts of the animal had entered the food supply.

I'm in a ton of pain or I would give you a full update on mad cow in our beef supply from FSNet listerv. Do I eat beef? No. But I believe that locally raised beef raised on feed produced without animal parts, is safe to eat.

Alter-Abled News

Surgery Helps Relieve Migraines

Surgical treatment of migraine reduced missed work days by 73 percent and significantly lowered the annual cost of migraine care for patients, according to a study in the January issue of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery.

The patients in the study were injected with Botox to determine which muscles in their forehead or back of their head triggered their migraines. Once the muscles were pinpointed, they were surgically removed. LINK

That would mean surgery in back of the head to remove the muscle. That gives me a migraine just thinking about that.

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