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Song in my head: Revelation Man...Revelation Man...Hey, he's givin' you a number and takin' away your faith....ApologetiX

I'm one kneecap away from a wheelchair. My left knee is swollen, inflamed, and causing intense pain whenever i put weight on my left leg. I could barely walk this morning making me realize how vulnerable humans are once one leg is unusable. I believe it is chrondomalacia, an inflamed knee cap, typical of a deformed knee from nail-patella syndrome. Unfortunately, all the NSAIDS that I have been prescribed (Vioxx, Bextra) are deemed unsafe by my standards. I am resorting to elevation and ice packs for pain relief and aid the swelling. I'll be damned if I will risk a stroke or heart attack and take these non steroidal anti-inflammatories, yet I must agree they do work well. Too bad the risk of serious heart events is more than I am comfortable with.

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