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A cow born after a 1997 ban of cattle feed with cattle ruminants is infected with mad cow disease. Officials do not know how the animal became infected.....

The Canadian government has confirmed a new case of mad cow disease, this one involving an animal infected after a feed ban meant to prevent further cases.

The Canadian Food Inspection Agency said the brain-wasting disease showed up in an Alberta cow younger than 7. That means it was born after a 1997 feed ban in Canada removed the use of ruminants in feed, commonly believed to be the cause of the disease.
Officials told a news conference that no part of the animal has entered the human or animal feed system.

Canada's Agriculture Minister Andy Mitchell said the agency will focus its investigation on the animal's food sources to determine how it became infected.

"This is not unexpected," he told a news conference. "Although this animal was born after the feed ban was put in place, preliminary information indicates the likely source is contaminated feed and this will be the focus of our investigations." LINK

Want your McBSE with fries?


Dear pResident Bush,

Could you please get a grip? Can you take a moment to consider that 45 million American citizens do not have health care insurance? The crisis is clearly not in our social security program, but in a basic right of human life. Access to affordable health care in this great capitalistic nation aint happening Cowboy. My annual tax contribution is paying for your fancy ho-down next week and for your health insurance coverage. In fact, our state reps, congresspeople, and senators have better coverage than 45 million brethren. Your fiscal irresponsibilty continues to astound me.



Health Care Costs Concern Americans Most

Most Americans see health care and insurance costs as a more pressing problem than malpractice lawsuits, a survey says, although the Bush administration often cites litigation as a reason for high medical bills. The Kaiser Family Foundation, a nonprofit organization that studies health care issues, and the Harvard School of Public Health said reducing malpractice jury awards ranked 11th on a list of 12 items people thought should be health care priorities for the president and Congress.

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