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My personal obsession with prion diseases with smidges of music I like and rescue dog advocacy from a disabled Oregonian.


Song in my head: I see skies of blue..... clouds of white....bright blessed days....warm sacred nights......and I think to myself .....what a wonderful world........Louis Armstrong

100 Things

1. I am a Leo, with Libra as my rising sign
2. I am fourth of five children.
3. I have 2 sons, and today is my eldest 23rd birthday.
4. My children were born at home.
5. I was a young mom.
6. My dad died when I was 10 and it scarred me.
7. I saved 2 lives, both from diabetic comas.
8. I do not want any more children.
9. I do not drink alcohol.
10. I have an AA in Lab Science and a BS in Environmental health and safety.
11. I am not interested in being married.
12. I can stand alone.
13. I have never shot a handgun and don't want to.
14. My great grandfather was in "Ripleys Believe It or Not" for beinga legal counterfeiter.
15. My Dad's dad was killed by lightening.
16. Pineapple does not belong on pizza.
17. i am 5'2" and weigh 125 pounds.
18. I have health problems but they don't own me.
19. I never had stitches.
20. I am glad I moved out of NY in 1980.
21. I do not own a house.
22. Possessions do not make me happy.
23. I refuse to own a cell phone.
24. Lacrosse is my favorite spectator sport.
25. I am not athletic.
26. I was an art major at SUNY at New Paltz in 1979.
27. I worked at the Environmetal Protection Agency for a period of 7 years, my longest held job.
28. I used to work as a coffee taste tester in Portland, Oregon.
29. I have been terminated from a few jobs.
30. I am a risk taker.
31. I had a position created for me at a craft brewery as the first woman brewer.
32. I became a raging alcoholic and lost my job.
33. I know how to forgive myself.
34. Football is a violent sport to me.
35. Cheerleaders suck, in my humble opinion.
36. I no longer strive for perfection
37. Scrabble is my favorite game.
38. I do not buy white sugar, honey only in my home.
39. I only eat whole grains, white flour is crap.
40. I relish my home, which is my sanctuary.
41. I believe in a higher power, but it is channeled through individuals.
42. I lied in confession as a kid because I never felt comfy telling a priest my sins.
43. I want to be cremated.
44. My intuition is strong.
45. Pandas are my favorite exotic animals.
46. I graduated with a 3.4 GPA.
47. My Mom used to call me Anna Banana, I do not like being called "Annie Fannie"
48. My name is a whole 3 letters, A-N-N, no "E".
49. When I am depressed, I vacuum.
50. I do not like to go out and eat in restaurants after being a health inspector.
51. I am trying to give up wheat products to alleviate my fibromyalgia symptoms.
52. Both my kids are pursuing art careers.
53. I love to cross stitch.
54. I feel at peace in the middle of the woods.
55. i believe beauty is a myth.
56. The only other countries I have traveled to is Canada and Mexico.
57. I am half Sicilian
58. I do not like rings on my fingers.
59. Parents that feed their kid fast food are bordering on child abuse.
60. I have no thumbnails from nail-patella syndrome.
61. I never use finger nail polish.
62. I can see the Columbia River from the home I rent.
63. Windwalker is my favorite movie.
64. I do not support pornography.
65. Shopping is my least favorite chore.
66. I do not use credit cards.
67. I have a grey cat named Alley.
68. I have been published in scientific journals.
69. Yoga and walking are my favorite exercises.
70. Blogging helps me keep my outrage in check.
71. Nylons and high heels look weird on me.
72. My career was never about making tons of money, I chose jobs that allowed me to be at home with my kids.
73. My first car was a 1952 pink Imperial.
74. I need a 4 wheel drive where I live.
75. I got my first pair of bifocals last week.
76. I love physics.
77. I have seen a UFO and a ghost.
78. Cigarrette smoke is disgusting.
79. My last job was at an organic pear orchard, where I did accounting and drove a fork lift.
80. I have attention defecit disorder.
81. Lonesome Dove is an awesome book.
82. I taught my cat to sit and shake.
83. I wish I had the benefits of Dads wisdom.
84. My grandmother is 92 and still living on Long Island.
85. I believe that we are all a product of our experiences.
86. My friends are my family.
87. I just took a vicoden because I have no herb.
88. I am extremely double jointed and can wrap my ankles around my neck.
89. My arms don't straighten and I could never do a cartwheel.
90. I never thought life could be so hard.
91. I am a sun worshipper.
92. I love reggae music.
93. I believe that eating sushi is dangerous.
94. I have all my teeth.
95. Wout is my nickname from college.
96. I can not finish cross word puzzles.
97. Newsweek and Mother Jones are the magazines I subscribe to.
98. My Mom used to punish me by taking away my books.
99. I am on the path to self actualization.
100. I cope with stress with humor.

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