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Columbia Gorge News

The search for a new Google facility has hit an eyebrow raising location in The Columbia Gorge National Scenic Area. 50 to 100 jobs paying on average of $60,000 a year are hard to come by in this economically depressed area. The Dalles (Not Dalles...don't forget the "the") is a sweaty redneck mill town on the Columbia River approximately and hour and a half drive from Portland. I find it hard to believe that The Dalles would be a desirable place to relocate. It's lonely desert out there, often being the hottest part of the state, let alone being culturally void. And then there are the notorious winds of spring, summer, and early fall, unloved by the well coifed. And the winters! A 4 wheel drive subaru would be the car of choice on the frozen icy tundra. That is if you are allowed to travel at all on I-84. The climate is dramatically different even from Hood River, 20 miles away. More extreme. For every mile you travel east there is one inch less rain. The Oregon desert has its own stark beauty, but if you like the lush green vegetation of evergreens you won't find it there. -LINK-

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