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Oregon Democratic Senators introduced a hodge-podge of bills to help address skyrocketing health care costs. From the Oregoonian:

Democrats have drafted six proposals they say will address the problems:

Senate Bill 329 and SB505 would expand the Oregon Prescription Drug Program to allow more Oregonians to receive discounted prices on prescription drugs created by a bulk purchasing pool.

SB501 would require health insurance companies to justify rate increases before a newly created Health Insurance Review Board.

SB502 would create a Health Services Cost Review Board, similar to a system in Maryland, to regulate hospital rates.

SB503 would require hospitals to receive a "certificate of need" from the state Department of Human Services before beginning new construction or remodeling.

SB504 would require hospitals to establish financial assistance programs for low- and moderate-income Oregonians.

The Donald, The Discriminator?

Disabled [Alter-abled] (y,wctp!)Attorney Says 'Apprentice' Biased

A quadriplegic lawyer has sued producers of NBC's "The Apprentice," saying the tryouts for the popular reality show discriminate by requiring that would-be contestants be in excellent physical health. -LINK-

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