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Alabama to consider medical marijuana......Found at DB's Medical Rants.....

Boys and girls this is not California, or Oregon, or even Nevada. This is the Deep South. Prescription for pot?

In the comments section I found this interesting opinion made by Rebel Doctor:

I could support Marijuana for cancer and terminal illness. But it would be a big mistake to legalize it for the nebulous and common syndrome of fibromyalgia. If such a policy were applied on a nationwide basis, there could be tens of millions of people smoking marijuana for fibromyalgia.

I suppose I was expecting a more rebellious opinion...

I have found medical marijuana to be an excellent option to treat my specific muscle pain and sleep disorder from fibromyalgia/myofacia syndrome. Amitryptylene is recommended by my primary care doctor, however, it gives me tremors and severe night sweats. Narcotics are also recommended for pain control yet they are addicting, and not recommended for long term use. I would have to disagree that cannabis is not a viable option to treat fibromyalgia patients. Furthermore, your use of 'nebulous' and 'common' degrades and invalidates the pain suffered by many.



I guess I could say...!Wow!. A new cannabis spray approved in Canada. I must say the medical marijuana activists and patients I know have been making alcohol extractions of pot for years. Get a couple liters of cheap vodka......

Canada became the first nation Tuesday to approve a pharmaceutical prescription spray derived from the cannabis plant, a move that could shift the medical marijuana debate in the U.S.The drug, called Sativex, is being produced by GW Pharmaceuticals of Britain and is expected to be available in Canadian pharmacies within weeks, principally for the treatment of pain from multiple sclerosis. -LINK-

Pete at Drug WarRant has some excellent coverage...... here and here.

but Talk Left's commentators came up with some phunny names for a cannabis alcohol extracts:
Maryjane margaritas, Vodka Stash, Vodka Chronic, Pot-Buttered Rum, Sambudca......heh