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How will Bushes social security privitization plan affect future disabled alter-abled benefits? No one really knows.......I know I couldn't live on $8000 a year as Uggabugga points out. My income is slightly higher then that, but then again I don't have cable tv(can't get it out in the country), a clothes dryer,an I-pod, DVD player, or a cell phone (evil) . Basically, I am not eating Alpo. (salad with lemon parsley dressing, brown rice and roasted chicken), but car repair bills can break the monthly budget.

Bush proposes $8,000 a year to retire on (in current dollars) for everyone (no matter what you're income level is) by the year 2100:

Via Eschaton, I learn that social security dependent benefits (when one parent dies) would be "seriously slashed" along with disability benefits. What a rip. I hope there are enough "faith based" charities to take care of the poor, uninsured folks. I received these benefits after the death of my dad, a law enforcement officer in Suffolk County, NY.

Confined Space reminds us of Worker's Memorial Day..............honoring workers killed on the job. Jordan links to this editorial from Steve Hecker, associate professor at the University of Oregon's Labor Education and Research Center.

As we remember workers who have died on the job, we need to think about more than their "bad luck." The International Labor Office, in its report "A Fair Globalization." emphasizes the interconnectedness of economic insecurity and poor working conditions around the globe, and argues that a minimum level of socio-economic security is essential to cope with the strains of globalization. Economically vulnerable workers have little power to advocate for improved working conditions and job safety. Lest we think that this is a problem only in faraway countries, one need only read the weekly toll of fatal workplace accidents in the U.S. to see that immigrant workers, an especially vulnerable segment of the workforce, are disproportionately represented. Beyond these tragic workplace deaths lies a vast global toll of ill health connected with various forms of economic and job insecurity, not to mention workplace exposures to hazardous substances.

In that respect, lets honor a few law enforcement officers that sacrificed their life recently ...(from Police Times, a publication of American Police Hall of Fame and Museum).

Corr Officer Manuel Gonzalez, 43
Chino, CA
Officer Gonzalez was stabbed with a shank while working in the prison's reception center at California Institute for men in Chino, Survived by wife and 6 kids.

Chief Anthony Lucas, 32
Choctow County, MS
Chief Lucas was shot and killed while assisting in a vehicle pursuit of several juveniles. As Chief Lucas and another deputy went inside the house to resolve the issue. Lucas was ambushed and shot from behind by the 16 year old juvenile. Survived by wife and one son.

Officer James Prince, 36
Boiling Springs Lakes, NC
Officer Prince was shot and killed during a traffic stop by a 19 year old trying to avoid arrest for a probation violation. Survived by wife, son and daughter.