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Job related accidents and illness are on the rise world-wide.

According to new estimates by the ILO, the number of job-related accidents and illnesses, which annually claim more than two million lives, appears to be rising because of rapid industrialization in some developing countries.

What's more, a new assessment of workplace accidents and illness indicates that the risk of occupational disease has become by far the most prevalent danger faced by people at their jobs -- accounting for 1.7 million annual work-related deaths and outpacing fatal accidents by four to one.

Unfortunately, the "powers that be" don't realize how prevention measures save lives and money, for employers and workers, in the long run

From a public health perspective, prevention through safety measures is better and also less expensive not only to workers individually, but to the society at large.

I'm always scanning the news for articles on alternative methods to treat pain. Here's an interesting study in ScienceDaily News comparing the efficacy of "true" acupuncture in the treatment of migraines vs "fake" acupuncture. The conclusion: acupuncture decreases migraine pain.

"In conclusion, in our trial, acupuncture was associated with a reduction of migraine headaches compared with no treatment; however, the effects were similar to those observed with sham acupuncture and may be due to nonspecific physiological effects of needling, to a powerful placebo effect, or to a combination of both," the authors write.

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