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Our Tax Money Rescues 10 Deputies Working To Eradicate The Evil Weed

The following article has given me the giggles all day. Unfortunately I am left with more questions than answers ...check this out: KGW Link

10 pot-hunting deputies rescued after night stranded in woods

Ten sheriff's deputies who got stranded in the woods of southwest Washington while busting a marijuana-growing operation were rescued Sunday. Skamania County Sheriff Dave Brown says the officers spent Saturday removing thousands of marijuana plants from a large growing operation in the Dog Creek area, about 56 miles east of Vancouver. Brown says the site was in extremely rugged terrain, and the team became disoriented on Saturday as daylight started to run out. They hunkered down until rescuers reached them Sunday morning.


Three of the deputies were apparently so dehydrated and exhausted they could not move on their own. Brown said the crew did not have lights or supplies to move in the dark so they all stayed overnight with the injured members.
Sounds like they smoked up some of the evidence.

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