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Reading is Phundamental

The Annals of a closed Naomi Wolf
(no one should be tasered for asking a question.)

Econospeak.....Annals of the Economically Incorrect...MaxSpeak's successor site.

The Annals of paid online news content...via Online News Squared
(New York Times op eds are now available w/out a charge)

and in non-annal news....

Oregon's Medical Marijuana Program does not have to hand over 17 patient's medical records. KGW Link

Depression is an extremely disabling and difficult condition to live with. Yahoo News Link

Small town pharmacists need assistance from Congress to stay in business, mostly due to Medicare's prescription drug program. KGW News Link

Medicare is making hospitals responsible for nosocomial infections. Newsday Link

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome linked to virus. Washington Post Link
(chronic fatigue syndrome is similar to fibromyalgia in that irritable bowel syndrome is often a symptom. Could this mean that fibromyalgia is from a virus too?)

Prescription Drugs are not safe. Must read if you or a loved one takes any medications....Tuscaloosa News Link

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