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Monday's a dog. [via]

Wow. It's been a long time since my last blog post. Not that harvest time has anything to do with it. Mwahaha. I also took a 12 day vacation at Eagle Crest Resort in Central Oregon and just got back this past Saturday. Damn. I feel like a new person after 12 days at a resort not lifting a finger. The weather was gorgeous the first 5 days. Temps were close to 70's and I just soaked in the warmth from the Indian Summer while hiking along the Deschutes River, pine cone collecting and traipsing around the High Desert with friends. The juniper trees permeated the air with its pungent woodsy smell and brought back memories of Christmas. The resort is about 10 miles outside of Bend, Oregon which has gotten quite sprawled out. The development there seems unchecked with massive rock and timber homes being custom built among the volatile juniper trees. Bend is now bigger than Corvallis and theres some serious home building going on despite the depressed Oregon economy.

Anyway, it's good to be back home after a nice long break. The daily news events of the last several months have pushed me over the edge from outrage to outrage fatigue. The news was really getting to me and I remind my gentle readers...Take a break from the news wears on you!

So, I'm all relaxed and happy after 12 days of hot tubbing, hiking and generally not lifting a finger but I had to deal with the "real" world today. That meant going to the bank to get quarters for laundry and restocking my kitchen with fresh groceries. So, I drive up to the Corvallis US Bank drive up window and ask the teller for ten dollars worth of quarters. A simple transaction that should have been completed in less than 5 minutes. However, I was told by the bank teller that they had no quarters for customers today. With a raised eyebrow and a scowl I muttered something about a bank with no quarters and zoomed away in disgust. Can you believe it? A bank with no quarters. And this is a national bank (US Bank). To top it off the aggravation I debited $20 from my debit card to recharge my MCI phone card today. MCI ended up debiting my account $40 and left me with a $2 balance. I almost bounced three pending debit charges on my account through no fault of my own. That would have cost me $99 in overdraft charges from the mistake of the phone company. Ummm, can i go back on vacation? This real world stuff sucks.

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