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Song in my head:

On the 12th day of Xmas my true love gave to me:

12 articles of impeachment,
11 months investigating,
10 million children not insuring,
nine-eleven excuses,
Eight billion dollars in Iraq per month a'spending,
seven years a'wasting,
six PDB's ignoring,
Five Sheehan pins,
A Fourth Amendment gutted,
Three branches of government,
Two houses of Congress,
A Bush in an impeachment tree.

via Ntodd

Interesting Tidbits and Leftovers

Hurricane force winds on Oregon Coast tomorrow. Link

University of Oregon asks federal judge to investigate if music industry spied on students. Oregon Live Link

Private Medicare marketing abusers get fined $770,000. NYT Link

Medicare patients could have saved $15 billion of government negotiated drug costs. Reuters Link

Medical marijuana can be useful in treating depression. Science Daily Link

Migraine sufferers have different brain structure. WebMD Link

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