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Alter-Abled News

Here are some interesting reads that i have been too fatigued to blog about...this is the best i can do today...

  • Pot makes your teeth fall out...The latest quackery...via DrugWarRant
I smoke pot and have all my teeth, thank you very much.

I have an alter-abled friend who is stuck in the vicious cycle of payday loans...

  • Merck rips off consumers and state govt's in a big way, bribes doctors....Pharmalot
I believe fraud is who is going to jail?

It affects my attention, my sleep, and my level of depression. Pain affects all aspects of my life.

  • A Doctor wonders if fibromyalgia is real... via NYT.
Fuck you doc. It reminds me of docs who questioned whether PMS was real. Asshole.

  • Oregon grows some effective medical marijuana. Oregon Live
Personally, some of it is too strong. That kind is good for catching up on sleep. Some of my favorite strains..Blueberry, Thunderfuck, Jesus, Northern Lights, and Trainwreck.

  • So, you're legal to smoke weed in Oregon...Can you go to your workplace high? Does your employer have to accommodate you? KGW Link
Common sense people...lets not be high when operating heavy machinery or driving.

  • A whole website dedicated to us one-eyed
Please don't take your eyesight for granted. I would love to have two functioning eyes.

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