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Ground beef is a risky meat to eat anymore, especially for immune compromised people, the elderly and the very young. Ground beef is comprised of meat parts fron various parts of the animal which can include meat found near the spinal cord or contaminated with cattle feces during the slaughtering process.

Cattle which show obvious signs of immobility are suspect and not supposed to enter the food chain. However, due to the lack of regulatory oversite, which includes timely USDA inspections, 143 million pounds of ground beef is being recalled. Unfortunately, for the consumers, cattle infected with mad cow disease, E coli, or salmonella infections have been sold and distributed to various food distribution sites around the country. Many public schools have received the contaminated beef and it is unlikely we will ever find out how much has been already ingested.

In the case of humans getting infected with mad cow disease the incubation period for BSE is about 10 years. If anyone develops the human form of mad cow disease from this recall it will be impossible to make a correlation between this beef being ingested and the source of the contamination. That is why the USDA is saying there is is a minimal health risk from this recalled beef. They can get away with it and its nearly impossible to know your flu epsiode was from a hamburger you ate two days ago.

I error on the side of safety and don't eat ground beef anymore. In the age of lax government oversite consumers must vote with their money and avoid these products.

US says remote chance of health impact in massive beef recall
WASHINGTON (AFP) — US officials said there was only a "remote" chance of adverse health effects from beef in a massive recall as a probe continued Monday into a meat packing firm accused of multiple health violations.
A top US Department of Agriculture official downplayed the public health risk the USDA revealed Sunday in announcing that a California company had voluntarily recalled about 143 million pounds (65 million kilos) of suspect beef. LINK

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