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Wow. This is big news. The American College of Physicians have asked the federal government to reassess their position on medical marijuana. This organization is ready to acknowledge the need to do more research on medical marijuana.
Ease off on marijuana, a national doctor group is telling the feds.

The American College of Physicians, 124,000 members strong, has issued
a 13-page position paper asking the federal government to drop marijuana from
its classification as a substance considered to have no medicinal value and a
high chance of abuse, reports the Baltimore Sun. Reuter's Link

Here is the straightforward executive summary from the position paper of The American College of Physicians: pdf Link

Marijuana has been smoked for its medicinal properties for centuries. Preclinical, clinical, and anecdotal reports suggest numerous potential medical uses for marijuana. Although the indications for some conditions (e.g., HIV wasting and chemotherapy-induced nausea and vomiting) have been well documented, less information is available about other potential medical uses. Additional research is needed to clarify marijuana’s therapeutic properties and determine standard and optimal doses and routes of delivery. Unfortunately, research expansion has been hindered by a
complicated federal approval process, limited availability of research-grade
marijuana, and the debate over legalization. Marijuana’s categorization as a Schedule I controlled substance raises significant concerns for researchers, physicians, and patients.

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