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April 2007 Mad Cow News

Hong Kong partially lifts ban on beef imports from Japan

HONG KONG -- The Center for Food Safety of Hong Kong was cited as announcing today that it would resume processing applications for beef imports from Japan with effect from April 27 after more than five years of suspension amid mad cow disease worries, stating, "After a thorough assessment and having satisfied ourselves with the enhanced control measures implemented by Japan against mad cow disease, we will partially lift the suspension of imports of Japanese beef."
Hong Kong suspended its imports of beef from Japan since Sept. 19, 2001 after the detection of a case of mad cow disease in Japan's Chiba Prefecture. FSnet Link

USDA to Japan: Tyson plant stays on list

USDA rejected Japan's request to take a Tyson Foods plant off a list of plants authorized to export beef to Tokyo.
Japan suspended beef imports from the Lexington, Neb., facility in February after discovering boxes of beef without paperwork verifying the product derived from cattle younger than 21 months of age. FSnet Link

Japan suspects mad cow disease in bovine

Tokyo -- Preliminary tests on a 6-year-old cow in western Japan indicate it may be infected with mad cow disease, a health official said Tuesday. The

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