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February 2008 Mad Cow News

OTTAWA: Canada confirms new case of mad cow disease

OTTAWA -- Canada has, according to this story, confirmed a new case of mad cow disease Tuesday, the 12th since 2003, and said the animal in question was a six-year-old dairy cow from Alberta.
The Canadian Food Inspection Agency said no part of the animal's carcass had entered the human or animal food supply.
"This case will not affect Canada's Controlled Risk country status, as recognized by the World Organization for Animal Health," the CFIA was quoted as saying in a statement. The Link

Ag Sec resists 'downer' cow ban

WASHINGTON — U.S. Agriculture Secretary Edward T. Schafer was cited as telling a Senate hearing Thursday that calls from Democratic senators for a complete ban on so-called downer cattle — those unable to walk — from entering the food supply were excessive, but did announce new steps to ensure the safety of the country's meat supply, including more random inspections of slaughterhouses and immediate audits of the 23 plants that supply meat for federal programs, primarily school lunches.
Schafer said that downer cattle could occasionally enter the food supply safely, in accordance with USDA rules, after an additional inspection by a veterinarian, stating, "The rules say if one goes down you call the veterinarian to make a judgment. Today I'm convinced the rules in place are such where we are protecting the supply.” Ass Press Link

Cannibalism May Have Wiped Out Neanderthals

A Neanderthal-eat-Neanderthal world may have spread a mad cow-like disease that weakened and reduced populations of the large Eurasian human, thereby contributing to its extinction, according to a new theory based on cannibalism that took place in more recent history. Discovery News Link

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