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unidentified strobilus

I know this is a shot in the dark but I am trying to identify this cone I got at a garage sale a few years ago. It is dense, heavy and feels like solid wood. It is 7 inches long. It appears to be a closed cone. But I have been researching pine cones and have not been able to identify this one. Cones have always interested me so I started a collection several years ago. If you have ever seen a Coulter pine cone you might understand my fascination. Coulter cones are the biggest pine cones to be found and I am fortunate to have a couple in my collection along with, Digger cones, knobcone pine, white pine, ponderosa, lodgepole pine, cypress, spruce, and redwood cones.

As I was doing some reading on conifers over trhe last few weeks I discovered that cycads are the original prehistoric conifers and have the most unusual cones.

enormous cone of Encephelartos manikensis [via]

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