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Reading is Phundamental

  • Seen at Fark: Eastern Oregon wants to become its own state...Utardo?
Oregon Democrats, who began the year with about 70,000 more registered voters than Republicans, have doubled that advantage, which stood Friday at 826,984 Democrats to 685,344 Republicans.
  • A. Must. Read. Berube's excellent resource comparing Obama's and Clinton's policy proposals on disability issues. Most interesting to me.........via Crooked Timber
Hillary’s disability policies are pretty damn good, especially when it comes to health care, which I’ve always considered (not that I’m alone in this) the issue on which she’s more solid than Obama.
  • And I quote:
"Marijuana, unlike alcohol, has no direct effect on the liver."
Yet, a medical marijuana patient in Washington state is denied a new liver. Yahoo Link

  • Oregon Emergency Room visits increase due to the uninsured. KGW Link

    Emergency department visits by the uninsured grew 20 percent after the public health insurance program was cut. And the number of those people requiring hospitalization grew more, suggesting patients were sicker.

  • Headline of the Week:
State Moves To Ban Fake Testicles on Vehicles [via]

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