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Telephone line, give me some time,

I'm living in twilight,
Oh, telephone line, give me some time,
I'm living in twilight.

Electric Light Orchestra

Alter-Abled News

The rise in use of food stamps has been in the news lately. Although I do get them I only receive $10 a month. I'm grateful for that but the amount you receive each month is truly insufficient, from first hand experience. With rising fuel and food costs the $10 I get is minor compared to my whole food budget. But I can still buy a lot of brown rice for $10.

Driven by a painful mix of layoffs and rising food and fuel prices, the number of Americans receiving food stamps is projected to reach 28 million in the coming year, the highest level since the aid program began in the 1960s.

The number of recipients, who must have near-poverty incomes to qualify for benefits averaging $100 a month per family member, has fluctuated over the years along with economic conditions, eligibility rules, enlistment drives and natural disasters like Hurricane Katrina, which led to a spike in the South. New York Times Link

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