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I Will Take Alter-abled For Five Hundred, Alex...

I suppose it depends on the type of disability but I would rather be alive , with my health problems, than be dead. According to a recent poll, more than half of Americans would rather be dead than live with a disability. I still find a lot of enjoyment out of life despite being on permanent disability. Not to brag or anything but shit, I get to smoke weed, stay out of the rat race, and take excellent care of myself every day. On the flip side a bad day could mean complete exhaustion and pain in several of my joints all at once or a migraine or any combination of problems.

More than half of Americans would rather die than live with a severe disability, according to a survey.

In the online poll commissioned by Disaboom, a Web site and social network for people affected by disabilities, 52 percent of the 1,000 "nationally represented" adults chose death over losing the ability to live an independent life. Yahoo Link
There are a lot of down sides to being alter-abled but I focus on the things I can do and not on what I can't do anymore. Most people, as they age, will experience some form of disability anyway, so if you act like it's the end of your life it probably will be a hard adjustment. Another factor would be when the disability occurred. I was born with my bone deformities and have had a lifetime to adjust, while someone who gets disabled in mid life will probably have a harder time at accepting their fate. Perhaps we can all work at treating the alter abled as 'different' and not as a burden on society. We are all here for a reason. I truly believe that.

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