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Sunday, August 10th, will be my 47th birthday. Today I started reflecting on all the life's lessons I have learned so far.. so I decided to make a list of idioms, clever sayings and just plain truths that represent where I am developmentally. Some might not agree with any of these, some may say WTF? is she talking about, and some of these lessons may change as I age and mature. Either way these are some big philosophies that shape my thinking every day. I will probably add to this list until Sunday. If anything... this list is some tangible advice for myself to hold onto when times get uncertain.

Assumptions make an ass out of you and me.
Love is an action verb.
The quality of your life is determined on how you deal with loss.
You are what you eat.
Fuck the sunscreen.
Exercise and a good diet really helps control your weight and mood.
It's better to be pissed off than pissed on.
Some people are just assholes.
It is very therapeutic to write violently and vulgarly as a way of venting and getting your emotions out and processed.
It's the quality of sex, not the quantity.
Restaurant kitchens are mostly yucky. Eat at home as much as you can.
Looks don't mean shit, character is everything.
A perfect lawn is a sign of a sick mind.
If a person appears to be perfect, they are hiding some huge flaws.
It's healthy for your soul to connect with the flora and fauna of our world on a regular basis.
Not everyone was meant for marriage.
Error on the side of too much compassion.
95% of success is just showing up on time.
Education is the key.
Don't let people tell you who to vote for (ie Daily Kos) Learn to think for yourself.
Nose hairs should be tapped as an alternative energy source.
You are your parents more than you would like to admit.
It's better to smoke pot than drink.
My blog sucks but I am okay with that.
Live every day fully. You can sleep when you're dead.
Love yourself before you can love another.
Just because you are alter-abled doesn't mean you have to give up fun and/or challenging yourself physically.
Life really begins at 30, not 50.
The more I learn, the less I really know.
It's more respectable to say "I don't know" than to baffle people with bullshit.
Despite being a scientist I believe in unexplained phenomen such as intuition, synchronicity and the effects of energy fields.
Cell phones are not healthy for humans to use.
Never fry bacon, naked.
Women are from Earth. Men are from Earth. Deal with it.
Depression and anxiety is an approprite reaction the current state of the world.
Depression often results from unresolved problems.
We are but insignificant flecks in a humongous universe.
It is no coincidence that the reverse of God is dog.
There are no coincidences.
You were born with two ears and only one mouth for a reason.

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