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13th State Approves Medical Marijuana

Michigan residents suffering from an array of chronic conditions, from cancer to AIDS to Alzheimer's, will now be able to seek relief from medical marijuana.

State voters on Tuesday approved a measure to legalize medicinal use of the plan. Michigan is the first state in the Midwest and the 13th nationwide to legalize medical marijuana. Raw Story Link
Massachusetts Decriminalizes......

Massachusetts voters have approved Question 2, which eliminated criminal penalties for possession of small amounts of cannabis.

The new law, which will take effect in 30 days, calls for a $100 fine and confiscation of the substance for those caught with an ounce or less with no reporting against a person's criminal record. Those under 18 caught with cannabis will pay a larger fine, up to $1,000, and participate in a drug awareness program and perform community service. Raw Story Link

Meanwhile, in other local marijuana-related initiatives in Arkansas, Hawaii, and California:

* Berkeley, California's, Measure JJ, essentially a zoning initiative that would allow dispensaries operating in the city to expand into more non-residential districts, won with 62% of the vote. The campaign was organized by Citizens for Sensible Medical Cannabis Regulation.
* In Hawaii County, Hawaii (the Big Island), a lowest law enforcement priority initiative for adult marijuana possession won with 66% of the vote. The campaign organized by Project Peaceful Skies was an outgrowth of the movement to end intrusive marijuana eradication raids.
* In Fayetteville, Arkansas, another lowest priority initiative passed. Some 62% of voters in the Northwest Arkansas college town agreed with Sensible Fayetteville and its director, Ryan Denham, that police had better things to do than bust pot smokers. Sensible Fayetteville itself is an umbrella organization including the Alliance for Drug Reform Policy in Arkansas, The Omni Center for Peace, Justice & Ecology, the Green Party of Washington County, University of Arkansas NORML and the Alliance for Reform of Drug Policy in Arkansas Inc. Link

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