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On this most important day of 2008 I can't help thinking about all the alter-abled people who have to stand in long lines today to cast a vote. Hopefully, these people have an alternate way to vote as waiting in a long line in the month of November is cruel if you have a chronic illness. That's why I rant and rave about Oregon's vote by mail system. Not only can I vote earlier at my own convenience but I don't have to worry about transportation and waiting in inclement weather. I'm sure that I would opt out of voting if it meant waiting in a long line. I don't own a wheel chair yet and standing more than 20 minutes is painful and tiring. That said...I did love to take my children, when they were in grade school, to the voting booth at our local high school. There is something exciting about waiting in line with the kids and demonstrate to them the importance of participating in a democracy. There was always a sense of fellowship at these events and it was a great place to run into friends and neighbors. All in all...I believe the vote by mail system is the most accommodating for the general public.

Actual Headline on Yahoo....Few problems as voters wait hours to cast ballots (AP)
(Umm long lines are a problem , one would think.)

and check out this bizarre story...via Campaign Silo..A mercenary firm in Oregon offered to provide "security" on election day in case voters "get out of control,"
(we vote by mail)

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