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Reading is Phundamental

Oregon State University Professor (my alma mater) Jane Lubchenco is the first woman to head the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration!! Oregonian Link

A walking house.. via N55

Health care workers can refuse to perform medical procedures if they have a moral dilemma or it offends their ethics. Bleh. Shakesville Link

Social Security Disability offices are underfunded which results in a lack of a regular review of your disability case. The Oregonian blames the alter-abled, wrongly so in my humble opinion. Oregonian Link

My disability case has already been reviewed once in the 6 years I have been on disability. In my case, I needed a lot of medical chart notes, from a variety of doctors, to prove my disability has not improved. This was an easy task for someone with nail-patella syndrome... as surgery to fix all of my permanently dislocated joints is unrealistic. For the people whose health has improved.... you are cheating the authentic alter-abled from receiving their justified, deserved benefits......... Shame on you.

Oregonians in need of assistance to afford groceries rises. Corvallis-Gazette Times Link

Talk therapy is just as effective as anti-depressants for mild or moderate depression BBC News Link

The Advice Goddess is a judge-mental soul who is neither a disability lawyer or a medical professional. Boo..Hiss Link

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