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Mad Cow Scientist Dies of Mad Cow Disease

A Spanish pathologist who specialized in a human strain of mad cow disease died Saturday, and officials suspect the disease played a role in his death, officials said.

The doctor was head of the anatomy pathology section at the University Hospital Principe de Asturias in Alcala de Henares, outside of Madrid, according to the Madrid regional government's health office. He died Saturday night, at the hospital where he worked, officials said. The doctor's name was not released at the request of his family. CNN Link

Officials are not sure if he contracted the disease from his medical work. Pretty bizarre! Remember don't eat t-bone steaks or burgers.

Would you like your McBSE with fries...?

More Mad Cow News

Tennessee Department of Health investigates death from rare disease. Link

Current prion research focuses on normal prion protein and its altered, dangerous state which causes CJD (Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease) and BSE(bovine spongiform encephalopathy). Eureka Alert

Fifth mad cow disease death in human from Spain. Google News Link

UK: Errors in tracking cattle occur. Food Standards Agency Link

The Lancet reports on the genotype of CJD which helps determine risk of mad cow disease. Lancet Link

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