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Here's to Blogging Against Disablism Day (BADD)....

I wish I could write something clever about being disabled(like lets call it alter-abled!!1!), but honestly, I am too damn tired. It's barely 9:00 pm and I'm ready to crash. For me the hard part about having an invisible disability like mine and others is lack of energy. I'm just a sleepyhead. Well anyway, I was taking Sera the dog on a walk this morning and my knee gave out completely and I landed on all fours on a sidewalk. I ended up with scraped knees and elbow but it jarred my knees and shoulder so hard thatI'm just throbing in pain right now. I think I will have a bowl and climb into bed with "The Stone Diaries"...but before I do... I need to acknowledge that it took me years for me to accept my disability. It was hidden from my work life as I didn't want my syndrome to interfere with work. I strive to walk as "normal" as possible so I dont look so bow-legged and all my problems are internal, (joints, connective tissue, spine) , my migraines are not visible, nor IBS. You can notice an oddity when looking at my fingernails..I am missing some... A lot of people ask me if I chew my nails, which I don't.Today I accept Nail-Patella Syndrome as a gift Despite the I can totally empathize with other alter-abled.

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