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Managing pain has been the focus of my life the past few months. My lower back has degenerating facets of the spine (different than degenerative discs), spondylolisthesis, and an exaggerated sway back (increased lordosis). It has been extremely painful which seems to get worse with increased humidity. I can only take Tylenol as they are easier on the kidneys than ibuprofen. Chronic wears on will i manage this pain when I am 80 I don't know...I don't dwell on it's too depressing, but the dog makes me happy. I took her swimming this week at the Mary's River and got her to go in the water over her head on her own and we had a blast. I am seriously behind on my mad cow blogging but I hope to get back to a routine now that the heat wave is over. 108 degrees made for long, draining days. The interior of my home was 96 degrees at the worst of the day. Later!!

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